The Face Cream Pump

  • $6.00

  • The Face Cream Airless Bottle Allows You To Carry It Easily And Use It With One Touch; The Beautiful Design Can Extend The Shelf Life Of Cosmetics!
  • Vacuum Press Pump Can Effectively Isolate Harmful Air,Keep Oxygen From Ruining Your Moisturizer And Creams.
  • High Quality Clear Acrylic Plastic, Leak-Proof And Shatterproof. Foundations, Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers Or Diy Skin Care Products.
  • These Travel Size Plastic Bottles Are Perfect Size For Carry-On Travel Liquids, Shampoo Or Other Lotion.
  • You do need to initially fill your jar to the top with the desired product to create the vacuum. When the pump is pressed a piston on the bottom of the container will push the product upward and out of the top.